SIFT is an open-source project that enables iOS/Android developers and testers to run Unit and UI Tests in parallel at the speed of light. Depending on your business needs, you may scale your execution through physical Mac nodes while running Unit/UI Tests on multiple simulators. It also supports real devices for tests sharding, not to mention aggregated test results.



Test Orchestrator - a framework for managing tests in CI. The ability to enable / disable specific automation tests without any change in source code. If a test is failing due to a developer change or other cause, one could be quickly disabled from the main pool of tests to unblock CI. The orchestrator works both with Unit and UiTests! Quarantine is another feature of Test Orchestrator. A newly added test would have to pass 10 consecutive times before being added to the CI pool of tests. The same rule applies for updated/fixed tests. Such feature eliminates flakiness in CI!